Cranes & Hoists




Hand Hoists

For low usage applications
Hand Hoists

  • Lowest hoist cost option for overhead lifting
  • Simple hoist design
  • Light weight hoist construction
  • Low maintenance hoists
  • For light weight lifting
  • Short lift requirements
  • Infrequent hoist use applications
  • Pullers for maintenance and other service applications


Electric Chain Hoists


Most cost affective hoist in the 1/4-2 ton range
Electric Chain Hoists

  • High reliability hoists
  • Low maintenance hoists
  • Heavy duty hoist applications
  • Simple hoist design
  • Many options
  • Single or two speed hoist operation
  • Manual or motorized hoist trolleys
  • Radio, Infrared or pendant hoist control
Wire Rope Hoists


Most cost affective hoist at 3 ton and above capacities
Wire Rope Hoists

  • High reliability hoists
  • Low maintenance hoists
  • Heavy duty hoist applications
  • Low headroom hoist requirements
  • Long lift distances
  • Quite operation
  • Variable frequency drives available for infinite speed control
  • Radio, Infrared or pendant control




Types of Cranes

Types of Cranes

  • Bridge cranes for large area coverage
  • Gantry cranes for limited height, area or outdoor yard type requirements
  • Jib cranes for limited circular area coverage
  • Monorails cranes for dedicated in line travel locations


Bridge Crane Styles
  • Underhung cranes for lower capacities, can be hung from building structure for reduced floor supports
  • Top riding cranes for larger capacities and greater head room
  • Double girder cranes for torsional stability and head room clearance


  • Manual hoist and crane horizontal motion for light weights and short distance motion
  • Power hoist and crane horizontal motion for heavy weights, long distance and accurate positioning
  • Slow hoist and crane speeds for positioning in delicate operations such as assembly or machine shops
  • High speed hoist and cranes for long travel distance or products such as bulk handling
  • Multi speed and variable speed crane and hoist controls available




  • Explosion proof hoists and cranes for hazardous areas
  • Clean room hoist and crane applications
  • Food grade hoist and crane applications
  • Flying pendant crane and hoist controls for large or hazardous loads
  • Tandem and auxiliary hoists for large item lifting
  • Rotators and other below the hook crane and hoist options






  • Festooning for short runs or low cost operations
  • Power Bar for long runs or high use application




OSHA and ANSI require yearly inspections – Idaho Material Handling inspects, load tests and certifies all types of cranes to allow code compliance

  • OSHA annual 1910.179
  • ANSI B.30
  • Runways and rails
  • Bridges
  • Hoists and trolleys
  • Pendants and controls
  • Hooks and blocks
  • Load testing




Idaho Material Handling employs full time service & installation people to properly install and support your crane and lifting operations

  • Insured
  • Licensed
  • Trained
  • Experienced
  • Fully outfitted service vehicles
  • Proper tooling for the project
  • Service contracts
  • Crane design, engineering and load calculation capabilities