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Dorner Conveyors

  • Packaging
  • Print / Labeling / Marking
  • Automated Assembly
  • Manual Assembly
  • Metal Forming, Stamping
  • Plastic Molding
  • Sortation
  • Testing & Inspection
Pallet Handling Conveyor


Pallet Handling Conveyor

  • Large Roller for Perpendicular Bottom Boards
  • Drag Chain for Parallel Bottom Boards
  • Pop Up Chain Transfers
  • Pop Up Roller Transfers
  • Turntables


Roller Conveyors


Roller Conveyors

  • Gravity roller and skate wheel conveyors
  • Live roller conveyor for transportation and skewing of rollers
  • Minimum pressure accumulation conveyor for transportation and light accumulation with elimination of gaps between products
  • Zero pressure accumulation conveyor for accumulating products without contacting each other – cases or pallets
  • Sorting devices to direct products onto other conveyor lines or destinations by size, SKU or order number etc.
  • Chain Roller conveyor for positive drive, heavy loads or oily conditions
  • Flexible conveyors to allow “snaking” around corners and changes as needed
  • Spiral conveyors for declines with minimum area and footprint requirements
Belt Conveyors


Belt Conveyors

  • Slider bed conveyor for low cost design – used in assembly lines, light to medium weight applications
  • Roller bed conveyor for low cost and low energy usage including inclines, declines and transportation conveyors
  • Brake belt conveyors to be used with roller systems to stop packages for control
  • Speed up conveyors to pull gaps between packages for sortation or scanning
  • Slat conveyors for large objects and odd shapes needing a solid surface to convey on
  • Steel mesh belt type conveyors for hot or oily products
  • Waste product takeaway conveyors for punching, shearing or sawing operations
  • Spiral conveyors for inclines or declines with minimum footprint
  • Vertical lift conveyors for indexing or continuous flow with less space required than inclines
Table Top Conveyors


Table Top Conveyors

  • Plastic chain type conveyors for food handling, pharmaceutical and other “clean” applications
  • Accumulation conveyor tables for storing and dispensing surges without stopping production
  • Combiners for single file conveying
  • Flex and Dead Pan conveyor turns to change direction of travel
  • Parallel transfers for longer runs of conveyor
  • Pushers for conveyor diverting operations
  • Merges to allow combining two or more conveyor lines into one
  • Incline and decline conveyors to change elevation
Overhead Conveyors


  • Manual push style overhead conveyors
  • Continuous overhead power chain conveyors
  • Paint line inverted conveyors
  • “I” beam heavy duty monorail conveyors
  • Power & Free – Twin Track for low headroom requirements
  • Power & Free – OveR-Way for heavier applications
  • Power & Free – Inverted OveR-Way for heavier applications needing floor mounted systems
  • Power & Free – OveR-Way 4X4 for very heavy applications
Conveyor Accessories


Conveyor Accessories

  • Stops – pneumatic, foot operated and mechanical
  • Traffic cops for simple mechanical conveyor merge control
  • Turning wheel to aid in conveyor merge transitions
  • Guard rails to protect product from falling off conveyor
  • Ball transfer tables allowing omni direction conveyor travel – great for work stations
  • Turntables – manual and power for right angle turns where space is critical or product orientation is critical
  • Plows for simple conveyor sorting
  • Gates to allow access through conveyors
  • Right angle conveyor transfers – chain, O-ring type and pneumatic pusher type
  • Chutes for steep conveyor declines without case tumbling
  • Quite conveyor rollers available for noise reduction



  • PLC controls built to handle the abuse of factory floor environment
  • Time delay modules for simple controls when no PLC is used
  • PC based controls for versatility and strong reporting capabilities
  • GUI (graphical user interface) type HMI’s (Human machine interface) for ease of use by all levels of plant work
  • Touch screen controls for simple operator control and readout
  • VFD’s (variable frequency drives) for infinite control of motor speeds, acceleration and deceleration
  • Emergency stops for worker safety


InstallationIdaho Material Handling employs full time service and installation people to accurately install and support your project

  • Insured
  • Licensed
  • Trained
  • Experienced
  • Fully outfitted service vehicles
  • Proper tooling for the project
Seismic Requirements


Idaho is located in an active geological region requiring UBC permitting for storage products installed over 8’0″ high. Contact your Idaho Material Handling representative for help in obtaining your permit